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Oracle SOA Online Training

Oracle SOA Online Training

SOA is the buzz word in the market. Don't miss the train !!!. Eventually every Oracle Apps techie has to learn it one day or the other.So don't wait for it,we have a real time training on SOA to make you understand the concept as well as to provide a direction to future.

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Service Orchestration with Oracle SOA Training Course

Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) expresses an architectural concept which defines the use of services to meet the requirements of software users. An SOA environment will consist of nodes on a network which make resources available to other participants in the network as independent services (for instance Web Service) which are accessed in a standardised way.

In this course, you will learn the basic concepts of business process integration and human workflow management using the Oracle BPEL Process Manager product.

Day 1 
Introduction to the Course and Course Contents

Day 2

Oracle SOA Suite 10g concepts and architecture

Web Services

Understanding WSDL, SOAP and UDDI concepts


Install SOA Suite and configure JDeveloper

Day 3

First BPEL process

BPEL designer and process manager


Understand BPEL designer and activities

Hello World BPEL process

Day 4

Synchronous and Asynchronous


Create a synchronous process

Create an asynchronous process

Day 5

Parallel processing and Conditional branching

Creation of Java Web service from scratch (using bottom up approach)


Create Web service utilizing Google Translation API

Add multiple flows and conditions in process

Day 6

Using Throw activity to throw faults

Using Fault Handler to handle faults

Compensation handler

Using Sensors


Throwing simple faults and faults with variable

Returning faults to client by adding fault message to WSDL

Day 7

Exploring Pick activity and OnAlarm branch

Using Wait activity


Develop BPEL process from scratch and use pick

Day 8

Invoking BPEL from Java

Invoking BPEL from PL/SQL

Invoking BPEL from Excel


Invoke BPEL from Java, PL/SQL, Excel

Day 9

Human Workflow


Sending an approval notification

Day 10

Business Rules

Embedding Java in BPEL process


Test OBR

Use Java embedding to set/get BPEL variables, for logging

Call an external Java class, call an EXE, set title of BPEL process

Using XML Façade

Day 11


Using Header variables


Read and write a file using file adapter

Poll for new rows in a table using DB adapter

Use Apps adapter to develop Order Import inbound interface in Oracle Apps

Understand how you can talk to XML Gateway from BPEL. Trigger SOA process when a business event is raised.

Insert data into JMS queue using JMS adapter

Day 12

Basics of Enterprise Service Bus


Build ESB and use routing rules

Use Filters and Transformations in ESB

Use domain value map

Day 13

ESB Tricks

Content Based Routing

Using the message header

Using Tracking Fields

Using DVM

Day 14

Comprehensive Error Handling

Error handling in Adapters, ESB and BPEL

Logging and Debugging in Oracle SOA Suite

Day 15

AIA Concepts– PIPS, Foundation Pack, EBO, EBS, ABCS, EBF
Interview Questions and Project writeups for resume

Inclass Training
Sep 06 2014 at 09:30 - Oct 06 2014 at 00:00US/Central
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