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Oracle ADF Advanced course provides the participants a real time simulation of working on an ADF project. The course includes developing a sample project management application using Oracle ADF and in the process, participants will learn how to work on an ADF project.

New Oracle Mobile Application Framework(MAF) Included now

Duration 24 Hrs
Course Fee Starts at $699
Who can attend? Software developers, designers
Interview Questions Yes


Build a sample project management application and understand the advanced concepts through the course.

Should have completed the below course.
• Oracle ADF Beginners Course

Added Advantage
If you know any of the following things by working with them, it is an added advantage
• Core Java
• OA Framework
• Any other java frameworks like Spring etc.
• XML, CSS and JavaScript

Day 1

Introduction to Advanced Course
Introduction to Course Project
Extend the base classes
Design your tables
Build the Business Components
Business Components Testing
Add List of Values
View Accessors

Day 2

Basics of JAVA
Call PLSQL from ADF
Application Desktop Integration
Application State Management
Work with Popups
Dynamic User Interfaces

Day 3

Project Architectural Options
Performance Testing
Page Templates
Task flow Templates
Page Fragments
Drag and Drop

Day 4

File Upload and Download
Display Images from Database
ADF Iterators
Business Events
Exception Handling

Day 5

Advanced Task flows
Complex Data Controls
Connect with OpenLDAP
Dynamic Dashboards
Timeline Graphs

Day 6

Build a Sample App
Build a mobile app with CRUD Features
Secure your Mobile App
Steps for deployment to App Store
ADF Tips and Best Practices


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