Oracle Forms to ADF & JET Migration
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Oracle ADF for RMS course provides the participants with a real time simulation of working on an RMS project. The course includes the customization and extension of RMS application using Oracle ADF and, in the process, participants will learn how to work on an ADF project as well. Course covers the latest version of Oracle ADF 12C(

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Duration27 Hrs
Course Fee Starts at $899
Who can attend? RMS Developers
Interview Questions Yes

Course Content

Day 1 – Session I – The Basics

Introduction to the Course

Introduction to ADF

Build Simple Application on ADF

MVC Framework

Build the Business Components

Business Components Testing

Add List of Values

View Accessors


Day 1 – Session II -- Upstart

Basics of JAVA

Call PLSQL from ADF

Application State Management

Work with Popups

Business Rule Validations

Day 2 – Session I -- Reusable

Project Architectural Options

Performance Testing

Page Templates

Task flow Templates

Page Fragments

Working with Reusable Libraries

Basics of seeded customization

Day 2 – Session II – Best Practices

GIT for Source Control

Package the task flows as Reusable Jar Files

Localization of ADF Application

Object Naming Standards and Package Naming Standards


Day 3 – Session I – Customize RMS

Setup JDeveloper for RMS Customization and Extensions.

Change Label on a RMS Page using the resource bundles and deploy changes to server.

Adding New Search Criteria to existing search page

Adding Custom Task links

Add additional Transient Attribute to an existing VO in RMS and expose it to the Page Fragment using seeded customization


Day 3 – Session II – Hands On


Deployment to Server

Day 4 – Session I – Extend RMS

Adding Validations to an existing RMS Page

Add additional view only fields to an existing table in the RMS page using seeded customization

Inject Custom Task flow region into the existing RMS Page using seeded customization

Adding Custom Help

Day 4 – Session II – Hands On


Deployment to Server

Limitation of Customizations related to RMS

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