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Oracle Service Bus transforms complex and brittle architecture into agile integration networks by connecting, virtualizing and manage interaction between services and application..  Don't miss the bus...

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1 Introduction to the Course and Course Contents
Overview of Service and Web Service
Overview of service-oriented architecture (SOA)
Need for OSB
Difference between OSB and SOA
How 12c is different from 11g

2 OSB Basics
Introduction to XML
Introduction to XSD
Introduction to WSDL elements
Difference between concrete and abstract WSDL
Introduction to SOAPPractice
Lab Activity
Create XSD from scratch
Create XSD from XML
Create WSDL from scratch

3 Installation
Overview of OFMW architecture
Overview of WebLogic server& OSB domain
Overview of Admin and Managed Server and Meta data schemas
OSB 12c Installation
Standalone Installation along with default domain
Full Installation along with compact and expanded domain
Note: Installation guide provided for standalone and Full Installation
with detail steps

4 OSB Architecture
Architecture Introduction
Functional Features
Service Bus components details
Understand OSB & WebLogic Console
JDeveloper IDE Introduction
Advantages for the Development Approach (Whether to use thin
client based development or IDE based development)

5 OSB Components- Proxy & Business Service
Introduction to OSB components
Proxy Service Introduction
Business Service Introduction
New features in 12cLab Activity
Create proxy & business service using JDeveloper
Create proxy & business service using SB Console

6 OSB Component – Pipelines
Introduction to Pipeline
Benefits of Pipeline component
Message Flow introduction
– Components
– Actions
Flow Control
Message Processing
Reporting Lab Activity
Add pipeline component to OSB project
Go through each message flow component
Go through each action in message flow

7 OSB Component – Split Join
Introduction to Split Join
Benefits of Split Join
Types of Split Joins
Static Split Join
Dynamic Split Join
Parallel processing using split joins
Lab Activity
Parallel processing using static split join
Parallel processing using dynamic split join

8 OSB Debugger and HTTP Analyzer
OSB Debugger Introduction
Benefits of Debugger
HTTP Analyser Introduction Lab Activity
Debug Validate Credit card sample using OSB debugger
Test the OSB sample using HTTP analyser

9 Templates and Sub Process
Template Introduction
Pipeline Template
Benefits of template and need for template
Lab Activity
Create pipeline template
Deploy pipeline template
Use pipeline template in OSB application

10 Messaging and Routing
Message context model Concept
Variables in OSB
Routing in OSB
Service Callout Introduction
Lab Activity
Create variables in using JDeveloper and SB Console
Content Based Routing
Dynamic Routing
Invoke external service using service callout

11 Transformation
XSLT Introduction
Xquery Introduction
Benefits of XqueryLab Activity
XML transformation using XSLT
XML transformation using Xquery

12 REST Support
REST introduction
WADL file introduction
Lab Activity
Create Restful services with GET & POST method with XML
Create Restful services with POST method with JSON
Invoke Restful services
Convert SOAP service to REST service with one click

13 OSB and SOA Integration
Introduction to SOA-Direct Protocol
Different method available for SOA and OSB integration
Lab Activity
Invoke Synchronous SOA Service from OSB Using SOA-Direct
Invoke Asynchronous SOA Service from OSB Using SOA-Direct
Invoke Asynchronous SOA Service from OSB Using HTTP
Invoke Synchronous OSB service from SOA

14 MDS
Introduction to MDS
Why MDS needed ?
Types of MDS
New features introduced in MDS
SOA Design time repository
Lab Activity
Create, Delete MDS folders & Deploy Files to MDS
Create file and DB MDS connections
Export, Import of MDS files
Usage of MDS file in OSB application

15 Adapter
Introduction to JCA
Lab Activity
Adapter Covered
File/FTP Adapter
XML and Flat File
File polling
File reading and Writing
FTP Outbound Connection Pool
Advanced Queuing
Reading and sending message
Database Adapters
Data Source and Connection Pool Introduction
Table Polling (Logical and Physical Delete)
CRUD operations
Adapter Covered
JMS adapters
Queue and Topic
Reading and Writing

16 Error Handling
Error handling Introduction
Different error handlers
Reply & Resume Activity Introduction
Log & Report Activity IntroductionLab Activity
Generate Business Fault
Handle Business Fault
Handle Technical Faults
Generate Fault Alerts

17 Advance Topic- ESS
Introduction to Enterprise Service Scheduler
ESS Components
Schedule services from ESS

18 Advance Topic- MFT
Introduction to Managed File Transfer
Installation of MFT
MFT Console overview
MFT components and features
File Transfer using MFT

19 Advance Topic- Industrial SOA
Composites Lazy loading
SOA Composer
New FMW dashboard
Error Hospital and recovery

20 Advance Topic- Others
Migration from 11g to 12c
Code promotion to higher environment
Service Response cache

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