Oracle Forms to ADF & JET Migration
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Learn OA Framework from experts at the comfort of your home or wherever you are. We have trained 100s of Oracle Apps Developers on Oracle OAF.

Duration32 Hrs
Course Fee Starts at $399
Who can attend? Oracle Apps Developers
Interview Questions Yes

Course Content

Why Framework?
Why Java?
Why OAF?
Opportunities for OAF Developers


Introduction to OAF

MVC Architecture
MVC Architecture in OAF
Simple Search Page

Little bit of Java
Classes and Objects
Pillars of JAVA
Java concepts used in Oracle OAF

Business Components

Entity Objects
Association Objects
View Objects
View Links
Application Modules
Business Validation
Debug OAF Application
Error handling and Logging

Introduction to OAF UI Components
Pages and Regions
Forms style Master Detail OAF Page
Dependent List of Values
Dependent Poplist

Drilldown to details

Create Page

Update Page

Delete Page

OA Train Page


Deploy to Server

Extension and Customization:

Controller Extension

EO Extension

Deploy extension to server


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