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SOA is the buzz word in the market. Don't miss the train !!!. Eventually every Oracle Apps techie has to learn it one day or the other.So don't wait for it,we have a real time training on SOA to make you understand the concept as well as to provide a direction to future.

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Service Orchestration with Oracle SOA Training Course

Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) expresses an architectural concept which defines the use of services to meet the requirements of software users. An SOA environment will consist of nodes on a network which make resources available to other participants in the network as independent services (for instance Web Service) which are accessed in a standardised way.

In this course, you will learn the basic concepts of business process integration and human workflow management using the Oracle BPEL Process Manager product.

1 Introduction to the Course and Course Contents

Describe Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) concepts
Details about Oracle Certification – 1Z0-451 Oracle SOA Foundation Practitioner
Details about what to download and from where for SOA 12c Installation
Technical and Business Benefits of SOA
8 case studies shall be discussed
Discussion on market value and prerequisites

2 WSDL, SOAP and UDDI Concepts

Introduction to RPC and where Web Services come in
Identify standards that enable SOA – WS, UDDI, SOAP
Introduction to RESTful Services
Review Service Component Architecture (SCA)
Describe Oracle SOA Suite 12c components
Complete walkthrough of a WSDL

3 SOA Installation

Where to download
New in 12c How to install Integrated SOA domain
New in 12c How to install compact domain

4 Orchestrating Services with BPEL

Define a composite application
Describe SOA Composite Editor
Explain BPEL Components activities and partner Links
Understand BPEL designer (JDeveloper) and activities
BPEL PM Designer Layout – the Integration Perspective
Applications and Projects (Composites)
Creating your first BPEL Process – HelloWorld
New in 12c Using Integrated Debugger in JDeveloper
XPath Expression Builder
Deploying the BPEL Process
Managing Deployments/Un-Deployments with Enterprise Manager 12c

5 Synchronous and Asynchronous BPEL Processes

What does asynchronous mean.
What is WS-Addressing standard
Overview of Partner Link. Why do we need myRole-Partnerrole concept
Create an asynchronous process

6 Parallel processing and Conditional branching

Describe Flow, FlowN and forEach activities that allow parallel programming
New in 12c Discuss if activity
Add multiple flows and conditions in process
Use If activity to decide

7 While, Pick and OnAlarm

How to loop through data using While loop
Message Exchange Patterns implemented using pick and onAlarm
Using Pick activity to start a composite using two different inputs
Using Pick activity to timeout an async call
Using Pick activity to handle multiple responses during an async call
Using onAlarm activity to raise alarms while waiting in a async call

8 Fault Handling

Describe Exception Handling in Composite Applications using Try and Catch
Using Sensors
Throwing simple faults and faults with variable
Returning faults to client by adding fault message to WSDL
How to return faults from Async programs

9 Advanced Fault Handling

Describe Compensation handling within a BPEL process
Fault Handling Framework
New in 12c Error hospital and Recovery options from Enterprise Manager
New in 12c Composite Instance Patching
New in 12c Circuit Breaker and Resiliency
New in 12c Automatic Error notifications to Admin from EM
Best practices for fault handling
Using compensation handler
Using Fault Handling Framework

10 Human Workflow

Describe Human Workflow Concepts, Features and Architecture
Sending an approval notification
Creating a new user in Weblogic

11 Business Rules

Explain business rules concepts
Integrate a simple rule with a BPEL Process

12 Embedding Java in BPEL process

Invoking BPEL from Java
Use Java embedding to set/get BPEL variables, for logging
Call an external Java class, call an EXE, set title of BPEL process
Calling a BPEL Process from Java using JAX-WS

13 Introduction to Adapters

Describe Binding components.
Discuss adapter concepts and framework
Describe Technology adapters: File, Database in detail
Read a file using file adapter and insert into DB using DB adapter

14 Advanced Adapter Concepts

Discuss advanced concepts in File adapters like
Reading files as attachment, file streaming, chunked read, batching, reading only headers,
Using Pipelines and valves
List Files in a directory using File adapter
Using Dynamic Partnerlinks
Using Rejection Handlers to handle erring files while reading from adapter
Making polling frequency variable for an adapter
Describe JMS Adapter
ADF Binding
Direct Binding
Poll a database and enqueue data in a JMS Queue
Test rejection handlers in file adapter for fault management
Adding ADF binding to existing SOAP based composite and call from standalone java
Adding DIrect binding to existing SOAP based composite and call from standalone java

15 REST Support in SOA 12c

New in 12c Meaning of REST Support
New in 12c REST-enablement – Adding REST binding to existing SOAP based composite
New in 12c End to end JSON Support
New in 12c Discussion on limitations of REST support in 12c
Adding REST binding to existing SOAP based composite
Creating XML Rest Service From Scratch
Creating JSON Rest Service From Scratch having both GET and POST
Creating End to End JSON Rest Service From Scratch with POST
Calling Non Soa Suite-Based R est Service - We will call REST Countries
Calling Soa Suite-Based Rest Service
Testing REST Service From SOAPUI, HTTPAnalyser, AdvancedRESTClient Chrome Extension

16 Oracle Apps Adapter and Integrated SOA Gateway

Complete discussion on options available in Oracle Apps for integration
Interface tables
Business Rules
Concurrent Programs
Public API
XML Gateway
EDI Gateway (B2B)
What does Integrated SOA Gateway (ISG) offer
Differences between Oracle Apps Adapter and ISG
How to integrate Oracle Apps with SOA
How to call a concurrent program
How to insert data in interface tables
How to handle business event generated in Apps
How to set Apps context.

17 Working with Mediator

Explain what is a service bus
Compare Mediator, OSB and BPEL
When to use OSB, When to use BPEL
Develop File to DB example using the Mediator

18 Monitoring and managing SOA 12c Deployment

Describe Deploy and Un-deploy SOA Composite application
Describe Management of SOA Composite application using the Enterprise Manager
Describe Deployment using ANT
Describe Configuration Plans for deploying to different environment using single Codebase
Create couple of composites and explore how to migrate code from Dev to Stage to Prod

19 Advanced Topics – I

New in 12c Executing a Business Process Without a Transaction
New in 12c In-Memory SOA
Email Setup in UMS
Adding Preferences to a composite that allow change after deployment
New in 12c File based MDS
New in 12c Graphical MDS

20 Advanced Topics – II

New in 12c JDev Templates – Composite, Component and Custom Scope Templates
New in 12c Lazy loading of composites
New in 12c Reusing BPEL codes using Subprocess – Inline and Standalone
New in 12c Enterprise Scheduler Service (ESS)
New in 12c Managed Files Transfer (MFT)
New in 12c Encrypt-Decrypt Personally Identifiable information (PII)
New in 12c How to perform bulk migration of 11g projects into 12c
New in 12c Circuit Breaker (Resiliency)

21 Interview Questions and Project write-ups for resume

Interview Technical Questions
Interview Scenario Questions
Sample project write-ups
10 Project Ideas 



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