Oracle Forms to ADF & JET Migration
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Learn ADF from experts at the comfort of your home or wherever you are. Course content prepared by an Oracle ADF architect with the experience of designing multiple products on Oracle ADF.Course covers the latest version of Oracle ADF 12C(

New Oracle Mobile Application Framework(MAF) Included now

Duration 32 Hrs
Course Fee Starts at $499
Who can attend? Software developers, designers
Interview Questions Yes

Course Content

Why Framework?
Why Java?
Why ADF?
Opportunities for ADF Developers

MVC Architecture
MVC Architecture in ADF
Simple Search Page
CRUD in 10 Minutes

Version Control:
SVN with oracle ADF
GIT with Oracle ADF

Design Options with ADF

Little bit of Java
Classes and Objects
Pillars of JAVA
Java concepts used in Oracle ADF

ADF Business Components

Entity Objects
Association Objects
View Objects
View Links
Application Modules
Groovy Expressions
Business Validation
Business Components Testing
Error handling and Logging
Reusable Components

Introduction to ADF UI Components
Custom PageTemplates
JSPX and JSF pages
JSFF Regions
Reusable Taskflow Regions
Declarative Components
Master Detail ADF Page
Dependent List of Values
Dependent Poplist
Passing Parameters to a Taskflow
Managed Beans
Error Handling

DVT Components

Secure your ADF application
Build Custom login page
Application and Enterprise Roles
Resource Grants
Default Authenticator
Configure Open LDAP Authenticator for ADF authentication
Webservices Security

ADF BC SOAP Webservices
REST Webservices with ADF
Consume external web services in ADF

WebADI (Desktop Integration)
Download data to Excel
CRUD on excel with Desktop Integration


Create Deployment Profiles

Deploy to Weblogic Server from JDeveloper

Deploy to Weblogic Server Using EAR file

Oracle Mobile Application Framework:
Introduction to Oracle MAF

Build an app for IPad

Build an app for IPhone

Introduction to Chola ADF Object Library


Cron Job Starts