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How to deploy an adf app with the database connection to Oracle cloud

In the last article, we had seen how to deploy Oracle ADF app to the java cloud from jdeveloper.In this article, let us create some objects in model project with the Department and Employees table from oracle XE database to deploy those tables to the database cloud.Once you migrate the required tables from the XE database to Database cloud, we can deploy our ADF app to javacloud.

Here are the high level steps.

1) Develop your ADF app locally connecting to the Oracle XE database

2) Migrate the referred tables to the associated database cloud

3) Modify the Root AM’s datasource to database.

4) Deploy the ADF app to the Java Cloud.

Let us see how we can perform the above steps in detail.

Step 1: Use the ADF Business Components from Table and Connect to XE database and add the EMPLOYEES and DEPARTMENT Table.

Step 2: Create a simple jspx page by dragging the Departments View from the DataControls.

Step 3:Migrate the EMPLOYEES and DEPARTMENT Table from XE Database to the Database cloud.






Step4 : Check the data checkbox and then click on deploy


Step 5: Click on the deploy button



Note : Fill up the title in the above screenshot without any spaces.You need to use the identity console to reset your sftp password.



Step 6: Deploy the app to the java cloud now.


Now you should be able to access the app through the <url printed in jdeveloper deployment log >/faces/<page>.jspx

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