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Oracle Service Bus transforms complex and brittle architecture into agile integration networks by connecting, virtualizing and manage interaction between services and application..  Don't miss the bus...

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Introduction to the Course and Course Contents

  • General Service Bus concepts
  • Details about what to download and from where for OSB 11g Installation
  • Some case studies shall be discussed
  • Discussion on market value and prerequisites
  • Demo

OSB Installation

  • OSB Architecture 
  • Practice
  • Install OSB 11g

OSB HelloWorld

  • Understand OSB & Weblogic Console, Eclipse IDE
  • Advantages for the Development Approach (Whether to use thin client based development or IDE based development)
  • Overview of the OSB SB Console
  • Practice
  • Creating your first OSB Process - HelloWorld
  • Deploying the HelloWorld Process
  • Managing Deployments/Un-Deployments

Proxy and Business Services

  • Proxy and Business Services
  • Common Message Flows
  • Introduction to XQuery Mapper and Transformations in OSB
  • Practice
  • Create Proxy Services with different service types and protocols
  • Understand logic and business case
  • Create Business Services with different service types and protocols
  •  Message Handling and Transport protocols

Messaging & Routing

  • Explain concepts on Message context model
  • Explain concepts on message flow elements 
  • Message and Design Patterns with OSB 11g
  • Explain concepts on Routing
  • Practice
  • Branching
  • Dynamic Routing

Message validation, Error Handling

  • Basic error handling techniques in OSB
  • Message validation
  • Practice
  • Existing processes can be leveraged to add security and Exception Handlers
  • Message validation can be included in processes that have message 
  • transformations

OSB and SOA Integration

  • Use cases and concepts covering SOA/BPEL and OSB integration
  • Practice
  • OSB calling BPEL Services
  • BPEL calling OSB Proxy Services

Miscellaneous topics

  • Logging and Reporting in OSB
  • Alerts
  • SLAs
  • Concept of Work Managers
  • JMS API use case
  • Using Java Callouts in OSB
  • Unit Testing Service Bus Resources
  • Continuous Integration on OSB using Groovy, Hudson, Python etc.
  • Profiling Service Bus Resources for Performance
  • Reading Lists and References